I am Pierre Janineh

Web Developer,Web Designer,Frontend Developer,Backend Developer

Name: Pierre Janineh

Profile: Mobile Developer

Email: janinehpierre@gmail.com

Phone: +(972) 52-652-4288


About me

I have started self-teaching around the age of 15, but for the last year I’ve been attending Mobile Development classes at (HackerU college - Ramat Gan, Israel), and I’m really excited about what I’ve learned, even more exciting is to think of what I could still learn in the future in complex challenges.

Through the time I’ve been learning (till present time) I have been most eager to be in these challenges:

  • Designing modern platforms, graphics and motion wise.
  • Brainstorming and fruitful outcomes.
  • Testing and receiving feedback.
  • Performance and algorithm run time handling.
  • Solving error messages and “fatal errors”and troubleshooting.


Other online Websites I've been engaged with developing: